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With deep appreciation for over two decades as a holistic nutritionist, I've had the privilege of serving patients, clients, and educating students on the intricate facets of gut health. Through this journey, I've witnessed remarkable transformations, both in the lives of those seeking healing and in the minds of those eager to learn. However, the true testament to our shared endeavors lies in the heartfelt testimonials below, graciously shared by individuals whose paths have intersected with mine, enriching our collective journey towards wellness.

25 Pounds Gone
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Happy Clients

Reduced My Meds

My story is similar to many others, including 13 bowel resections and the loss of 13 feet of my intestines over a 15 year period. It included many doctors, therapies and modalities to try and treat the symptoms, as I was always told there was NO cure! Therefore, there were countless medicines, tests, x-rays, and attempts to try alternative therapies.

When I met Karen Langston (seven weeks ago), my goal was to better understand my digestive system and attempt to rid myself of some of the medicine regimen I have been on for the past 29 years. (10 different meds) Also, I have been suffering from daily headaches and weekly migraines since 1983.

Karen educated me and placed me on a dairy free and gluten free diet, after testing me. After 6 weeks, I am free of the migraines and have reduced my daily headaches to one per day and have cut out my blood pressure meds, cut in half my gerd medication and reduced by 25%, my sleeping aid. She is simple an ANGEL who knows her stuff about the body, especially the digestive system!

I am looking forward to living the rest of my live headache free with a much less dependency on medicines and living longer, thanks to Karen Langston!!

Edward Price | Crohn’s patient since 1971

Executive Director, Marketing Director, Event Director for the Gold Wing Road Riders Association

More Happy Clients

Cellulite Gone!

Wow! I can not believe how changing one thing in my diet would have such a significant impact not only on my health but how I look and feel. I was always feeling a bit sluggish, and although I kept up an exercise routine, I was never really toned the way I wanted to be. I followed Karen’s recommendations and discovered that for me gluten was holding me back. Just from removing gluten from my diet I feel like a whole different person.

​I am much more relaxed and laid back in comparison to before where I was unfocused, and anxious about not keeping up with my daily errands, and always felt stressed out. Not only am I more relaxed, I have more clarity and more focused, and I am able to enjoy life. What I did not expect was the 30 pounds that literally dropped off without much effort. Now I am toned the way I want to be and the biggest surprise is NO MORE Cellulite! I had terrible cellulite on my legs and was embarrassed to wear shorts. Not any more! Not only do I have great legs with no cellulite, I have the legs I had in my 20′s! My kids could not stop complimenting me on how good I look and my partner can not get enough of me.

Going gluten free for me has not been hard because I do not want to put something into my body that is going to suck my energy, make me gain weight and feel awful. My whole family went gluten free and my youngest daughter’s complexion has become clear, her hair shiny and I swear it made her grow a couple of inches. She is so confident that she had just been signed by a major modeling company. That is all it took, one change to my lifestyle and life is so much better now. Thank you Karen!
~~Lise Kasle, RYT-900, Master Level Reiki Practitioner, Graduate of Irene’s Institute of Myomassology, Certified Yin Yoga Teacher

All I wanted to do was just have a little more energy

All I wanted to do was just have a little more energy so that I could I keep up with grandchildren. I was suffering with constipation, my knees hurt and like I said no energy. I had no idea 7 months later I would be off of all of my medications and 50 pounds in weight loss. I am within my BMI for the first time in 20 years, I look younger, I feel younger, have more energy and my wife feels like she got a new husband. I can not thank you enough Karen. You are incredible.
~J. Moore, Colorado, USA

Happy Clients

My energy level skyrocketed!

When I changed my diet and took out certain foods, my energy level skyrocketed! I felt so clean from within and ready for any challenge. I had improved bowel movements, better sleep, and was more alert and more awake, and felt healthier than any other time in my life. I had much more energy for the gym. Normally I would drag my feet to the gym and look for the easiest workout possible; after Karen helped me change my diet, I started looking for the hardest and most challenging workouts. I can not get over the energy change. I have never had any kind of dietary change that did anything like this before. Just by concentrating on protein and vegetables it made a 100% change in my energy and outlook. I was much more positive, and felt like I could take on the world. Thank you Karen!

S. Scott Woodman | Attorney, Manhattan Beach, California

I am sparked by
your story

I wanted to make sure to write to say THANK YOU for being in Boston a few weeks ago for New Year New You Tour! YOU WERE AND ARE AMAZING! I am sparked by your story, your knowledge of digestion and am embarking on trying gluten free to learn how my body will benefit. I shared with you I suffer (and those who are around me mostly MY HUSBAND! suffer) from my horrendous gas stench! And I am known to “spray” the air with a cover up after I have gone to the bathroom each day at work (EMBARRASSING!) Truly I know with my heart, gut & soul how powerful taking care of our cells is and know this info will unfold with each growing year! Look what it has done for you! KEEP UP YOUR AMAZING SELF! You made a huge impact on me and my niece. Huge Embrace!

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Happy Students

Thousands have been trained by Karen Langston as a Certified Nutrition Advisor and Healthy Gut Advisor

Skin Issues Gone!

I was dealing with crazy skin issues-flaky skin flaky itchy head and these weird blotches, redness and raised circles on my arms. Karen had me do a stool test and it turned out my gut was not good. We balanced my gut and my skin cleared up without any marks. I would never knew my gut was causing my skin problems. I am believer now. I was so happy to work with Karen.

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