Nutritional Optimization
of Lab Reports

Have you recently had lab work done, only to be told by your doctor that everything looks fine, yet you still feel terrible and are experiencing unexplained problematic symptoms?

Has this left you feeling
like you're going crazy?

Well, I am here to tell you,
you're not crazy.
Your symptoms are real!

Why do we get
blood work?

The purpose of medical interpretation of your lab reports is typically to evaluate disease, not overall health. Unfortunately, many biomarkers are set with a focus on diagnosing and prescribing medications, rather than optimizing nutrition and lifestyle.

This means, your symptoms are real. But, your biomarkers are not at level yet for medical intervention.

Let’s take a closer look at your lab work from a nutritional perspective

I investigate your lab results to identify functional optimal values based on what your body needs to function optimally—so you can

  • Sleep well

  • Feel energized

  • Have mental clarity

Essentially, I'm assessing how well your diet and lifestyle support your body's chemistry and physiology. I examine how well your values are supporting the physiology of

  • Digestion

  • Energy levels

  • Mental well being

  • Sleep quality

  • Bathroom trips (💩)

Let’s get to the bottom of why you feel out of whack

Even if your lab reports fall within the normal range and everything seems fine medically, you may still be experiencing symptoms. Analyzing your nutritional values could reveal why you are feeling out of whack and dealing with uncomfortable symptoms.

Why wait 10 years for an unnecessary diagnoses?

Nutritional imbalances, whether deficiencies or excesses, can manifest symptoms that don't necessarily align with standard medical lab assessments. In fact, nutritional deficiencies are often the early signs of impending health issues that may arise 1 to 10 years later.

Addressing nutritional imbalances gives us some insight as to where to properly support you, thus the symptoms you are experiencing will greatly decrease or completly reverse on their own. Research consistently shows that diet and lifestyle choices play a crucial role in either promoting health or preventing disease.

A simple change in diet and possibly the right supplements could rebalance your body's chemistry and physiology. Together, we can explore:

  • Addressing nutrient deficiencies

  • Restoring biochemical balance

  • Balancing physiology

  • Rejuvenating body systems

Sleep Well and Wake up full of energy and clarity to get through your day.

Imagine waking up refreshed and full of energy, to think clearly, to communicate, to hope, to dream, and to do all of the things that you like to do hinges on one thing—your health. Let’s uncover what your body needs.

What to Expect

When you sign up, here is how we will work together;

  • You'll receive a health history form via email to complete.

  • Return the completed form along with a list of your current medications.

  • Send over any lab work from the past four weeks.+**

  • I'll analyze your lab results and medications.

  • We'll schedule a phone call appointment to discuss my findings

It's that simple! You might just need some guidance on dietary and lifestyle adjustments possibly supplements to start feeling amazing again.

BONUS: Have you had your 23andMe done?

If so, I can analyze your Ancestry+Health raw data to provide an in-depth report on potential genetic mutations. This report can highlight specific supplement needs, increased requirements, as well as recommend the right type of exercise and diet tailored to your genes.^^

Unlock the secrets hidden in your DNA + your lab work and discover personalized insights to optimize your health and well-being.

Let’s get started today

No recent blood work? No problem!

If you're committed to restoring your health and want to take advantage of this opportunity, sign up anyway. I'll guide you on what blood work you need. It's standard, routine blood work that your regular GP can order for you. Alternatively, if you prefer, I can advise on private options, but there's no obligation—what matters is what's right for you.

I’m here to help you every step of the way if would like to take advantage of this offering. Here’s what to do:

  • Sign up and let me know you need blood work.

  • Fill out the health history form, list your medications, and current supplements.

  • I'll recommend the necessary nutritional labs for you

Once we have the labs back;

  • I'll analyze your lab results and medications.

  • We'll schedule a phone call appointment to discuss my findings.

Whether you have recent labs or need to get some done, you're in the right place. Let’s work together to optimize your body’s functionality so you can sleep well, feel great, and regain clarity.


If you are taking supplements or have a drawer full of supplements please add $100 for me to go through your supplements and tell you which ones will help support your current findings. (this may seem like a lot, however, it takes time for me to look up the nutrients and ingredients then sort for your health and wellness).

If you have lab reports from procedures (uch as an MRI, colonscopy or other reports) within the last 3 months, please add an additional $100. I will also go through your findings and pathology reports. I have found items that were missed or not discussed that may be relevant.

Yes, I would like to add both the Supplement and other Lab reports to this evaluation

The Fine Print

++Please note; some physicians do not order enough markers to really get a good understanding of nutritional deficiencies or excess. If this is the case, I will let you know in advance of our meeting and what direction to take before we meet for the final consultation. I want to make sure, you get the 100% benefit from this appointment.

^^BONUS Please note, the 23andMe genetic data must be submitted between time of purchase and before the consultation to ensure accurate analysis. If you wish to add this and do not have your 23andMe raw data yet. Use the link below and purchase the
Health + Ancestry Service

  • It must be the Health + Ancestry Service

  • the Ancestry Service does not have the health information - do not purchase

  • The 23andMe+Premium is not needed, but you can join it if you want

  • The 23andMe+Total Health is not needed, but you can join if you want

  • The Health + Ancestry Service is the only one you need

PURCHASE YOUR 23andME Health + Ancestry Service Here

Once you have your 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service raw data, you upload it for your own security to a platform I invite you to. Then I will go over the findings so that we can base what you need for the best and optimal health and wellness including a diet and lifestyle suggested based on your unique genes, chemistry and physiology.

Please note: I am not a licensed medical doctor or a Dietician. Therefore, I cannot and will not diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions. The analyses provided are for nutritional, lifestyle and educational purposes only. They are intended to offer insights into how diet and lifestyle may be affecting your wellness goals.

It's important to understand that while I can provide recommendations and guidance, it should not replace professional medical advice. If you are in need of a diagnosis or medical treatment, I strongly advise consulting with your physician or a qualified healthcare professional. They can provide personalized medical care tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

By proceeding with any recommendations or analyses provided, you acknowledge that you understand the limitations of this service and agree to seek appropriate medical advice for any health concerns or conditions. You also understand that before implementing anything discussed during our appointment that you need to discuss this with your doctor or qualified healthcare practitioner.

** Please send me PDF copies of the Lab reports. It is difficult to work from screen shots as I need to see the lab values and ranges. Thank you.