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When it comes to improving your health and wellness we must start by looking at the Quantum Gut. Why? Because the gut effects every other aspect of your being.

We are not meant to live in sickness, pain and misery. We are meant to go to bed, fall asleep effortlessly, sleep through the night, wake up refreshed and full of vigor, vitality energy , pain and discomfort free and live in Love and Joy!

​If you are not feeling 100% your energy is blocked. If your energy is blocked, it leads to a host of emotional and physical symptoms, sometimes if not addressed leads to illness and disease.

Disease is a DIS-EASE in the body; energy blockages. Sometimes it's a simple as a diet change, a nutrient deficiency or upgrading the environment and lifestyle. Sometimes all we need is to just release what is bugging us and our body falls back into balance effortlessly.

Where are you blocked?

quantum gut healer Karen Langston About how I can help you
quantum gut healer Karen Langston About how I can help you

My energy level skyrocketed!

When I changed my diet and took out certain foods, my energy level skyrocketed! I had improved bowel movements, better sleep, and was more alert and more awake, and felt healthier than any other time in my life.
~Scott Woodman , Attorney, Manhattan Beach, California

Karen, How Do You Know What I am Going Through?

You are right, I don't know exactly what you are going through, as it is your somatic experience. However, I have been through enough illness and sickness in my life to have an understanding of what you may be going through.

My entire childhood I was sick with whatever was going around. Every holiday I would be on the couch with a fever. I had endless tummy troubles and I still have flashbacks of suppositories and enemas administered by my Dad to help me have a poo.

When I reached the age of 19 I had a very personal, traumatic year that led to the diagnosis of Crohn's Disease. Throughout my college years I was in and out of hospitals and too many surgeries to remember.

In fact, my 20's and 30's were a blur of sickness, hospitals and surgeries, toxic drugs that just left me sicker and sicker instead of better. I never thought I would be better and was prepared to live a life of pain and misery.

The Final
Tipping Point

The final tipping point for me was when I had a temporary colostomy. I had the knowledge on how to turn my disease state around however, I was afraid of what life might be like healthy.

I did not realise at the time there was an emotional and spiritual component to my illness. I didn't know I was sabotaging myself to a place of comfort; illness, pain and misery. Even though I did not like it, I knew what to expect. I had no idea I was in fear of living pain and misery free. I was would get super angry when someone would say it is all in my head. How dare them!

Here I was with a bag attached to my bowel to poop into. The thought that this could be the rest of my life kicked me in my spiritual ass to finally do something about it. In fact it was that fear that led me to where I am today;

​No Evidence of Crohn's Disease

My last diagnoses from my Gastroenterologist preforming a colonoscopy and pathology reported;

"No evidence of Crohn's disease, polyps, inflammation, cancer."

How did I do it?

The very first thing I did was believe that if I turned this disease on, then I could mostly certainly turn it off. And, that is what I did. This is called Epigentics.

The more I researched, the more I understood that our external factors such as

  • nuritional deficiencies

  • Gut microbiome

  • Lifestyle

  • Toxins, pollution

  • Family upbringing

  • Outlook on life

  • Emotions

  • How we perceive our life and ourself

influence our cells can turn on a genetic “disease gene.”

Epigenetic is the science of our genes and external influences. We have hereditary genes, however, it is not our genes that decide if we are going to have a disease or not. The only person in my family who had a gut disease was my grandfather, diagnosed with Colitis. No other family lineage of gut disease.

No More Cellulite!

Wow! I can not believe how changing one thing in my diet would have such a significant impact not only on my health but how I look and feel.
~Lise Kasle, RYT-900, Master Level Reiki Practitioner, Graduate of Irene’s Institute of Myomassology, Certified Yin Yoga Teacher

​It Does Not Matter What Your
Symptoms Are

It starts with the Quantum Gut

I will be the first to tell you, I did not believe there was an emotional or spiritual component to my Crohn’s disease. I believed that I had a bowel disease and there was nothing that could be done. I was pretty angry about the whole thing. I was also angry at everyone and everything. My life was my disease. It controlled me, kept me locked inside my home, or on a public toilet somewhere.

I had been to so many specialists and no one could help me. I ended up going to see a Naturopathic doctor two people recommended. I did not go there for a cure, I went there to prove there was nothing anyone could do for me. I am a victim of my circumstances. I HAVE A DISEASE! Boy was I wrong!


Within 3 months of a digestive protocol I was absorbing again. My toilet trips were down to 4 a day, I had energy, and didn't feel like I was going to die anymore.
I felt good. I believed for the first time in a very long time that there was hope. That I could feel good again.
This experience had such a profound effect on me that I decided to go to school to coach others.

I have not stopped educating and learning. I have trained in Canada, Mexico, the USA and the UK to get the answers I needed to coach others.

My Energy is back!

I am sleeping great and wake up ready to go without that sluggishness.
You are simply amazing.

All it takes is the will to want to get to a place of healthy

Through the years I have gone from the physical side of healing my Crohn’s disease to the spiritual, energetic and emotional side to heal and seal for good.

Focusing on the quantum healing has kept me disease free for over 10 years now. I am not cocky, rather, grateful for having my life back to be able to be a part of my family’s life, to work, adventure and do the things I have always wanted to do.

I am not a super star, lucky or special. I am just like you. I wanted to be apart of my family’s life, I wanted more out of life than pain and misery. It was a long journey of trial and error and now I can help others including you lesson the trials and errors. All it takes is the will to want to get to a place of healthy and happier.

If you are ready to take your first step let’s chat and see if I am fit to help you on your path to wellness so that you too can be free of the pain and misery and adventure on.

Where would You like to Start?

Check out the different ways we can work together

Dubbed the “Poop Queen” by thousands of students and clients Karen Langston has become an Internationally recognized Nutritionist, Speaker and leading expert Gut Health Trainer. Overcoming and reversing the incurable diagnosis of Crohn’s disease has earned Karen recognition in numerous countries as the go-to-expert and has appeared in numerous publications including Shape Magazine, Arthritis Today, Huffington Post, Every Day Health and has graced the same stage as sought after TV personalities and experts including Dr. OZ, Tony Robbins, and Dr. Christiane Northrup.

Karen is the BOMB!

So knowledgeable and made everything very easy to understand. She is caring and so patient. 
She really cares! Awesome!
~Jean Chua Alano


Early Childhood Educator (ECE) (CAN)
Certified Orthomolecular Practitioner (CAN)
Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CAN)
International Certified Consulting Practitioner (CAN)
Live Cell Microscopist (CAN)
Somatic Intuitive Trainer (US)
Certified Mind Body Integrative Specialist
Academic Instructor
Professional Speaker
Author of programs and courses
Writer and Integrative Medicine Journalist


Karen was great… no, Awesome… but awesome is really not good enough…TOTALLY AWESOME comes a little closer.
~D. Simmons, Quebec Canada

Karen Is a Published Author & Featured in Various Published Works;

Wake The Health Up by Devra Betts, Health Coach.
Our Journey with Food Cookery Book
Our Journey with Food, Second Edition
Living Brave; Women, Stories, and Pathways to Thriving
​Sexy, Lean and Strong After 50! How I went from Fat, Depressed and Divorced
When You're DONE Expecting: A Collection of Heartfelt Stories from Mothers All across the Globe

Now that you know a little more about my professional and personal story and triumph over illness how can I help you?

Even I make sure I have down and fun time

I'm Not Always a Quantum Gut Healer

I am mum to three successful grown children, 2 cats and a wife to my wonderful husband.

We live full time in a 45 foot vintage luxury motorcoach adventuring across the USA. I appreciate all things natural and spend as much time as possible hanging out in what Mother Nature created and just being present.

When I am not checking out the grocers, natural health food store or farmers market I'm on some kind of an adventure to see the weird, unusual and quirky. Which I share weekly in my newsletter.

If it's raining out, you will find me checking out the local second hand shops or meeting with a social media follower for a coffee and a chit chat. When the sun comes out, you will find me walking my cats first thing in the morning followed by a good yoga stretch.

I spend my nights taking online courses when not at an in person conference. I love to learn and keep adding to my repratoire of healing modalites.

MY Virtual Office

My virtual office varies. I work from my coach or a hotel room during a health coaching telephone appointment. When I am working on labs, protocols or researching for my clients, my virtual office can be overlooking a lake, in the middle of the woods, coffee shop, beach or anywhere else I can find a unique place to connect and get focused. I keep my files secure by using my own wifi hotspot and a privacy screen on my laptop that prohibits others from seeing what I am working on.

I primarily assist my nutrition clients through virtual sessions conducted over the phone. Many of them value their privacy and prefer to remain anonymous. In fact, despite guiding them through the process of alleviating their symptoms, I have never seen what they look like. It is amazes me. And, I am grateful they entrust in me to guide them.

My Somatic Mind-Body clients we meet virtually via a private secure video platform. I do not record the sessions. In order to ensure that you get the most out of your somatic training we need to see each other so that I can adjust and assess so that you are getting 100% of the session. I make sure I am in a quiet place typically either my motorcoach or hotel room.

Are You Ready?

Whether you want to work on your health, mental health or both,
let's get you looking forward to a rewarding happy, energetic lifestyle
and leave the pain, misery and discomfort behind you.

quantum gut healer Healthy gut advisor Karen Langston how can I help
quantum gut healer Healthy gut advisor Karen Langston how can I help

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